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Who We Are

Our Mission: To prepare young people to make positive choices in their lifetime.

The show begins with engaging the audience’s attention with popular music, spectacular lighting effects and stimulating videos. We educate the students by sharing true stories, graphics, and facts about the dangers and consequences of drug use in striving to prevent people form using drugs. In addition personal testimonials from recovering addicts and their families are shown in a unique and dramatic format which reinforces the need for students to make positive choices.

Bryon Carey
PA Board Certified Recovery Specialist

Bryon Carey began his video production business in 1995. He has produced hundreds of videos, everything from events and corporate videos to producing national television episodes and documentaries shown internationally. He has extensive experience in producing heartfelt emotional documentaries.

DJ Choices will combine Bryon’s creative methods of story telling with Andy’s entertainment expertise to make a unique powerful presentation geared to steer students into making positive choices.

Andy Keister

For over 20 years, DJ Big Andy has been entertaining people by playing music that the crowds want to hear and dazzling them with his spectacular lighting show. In 1995, Andy joined Road Radio USA’s school assembly program, which steers students from underage drinking. The show has had tremendous success and is praised by schools, law enforcement and community leaders. Andy brings his proven experience of “entertaining while educating” students to DJ Choices. Capturing the attention of a crowd is Andy’s specialty. His unique approach engages the audience capturing their attention from the moment they walk into the auditorium. Hearing and understanding the dangers of drugs is critical to fight the growing epidemic of heroin and prescription drug abuse in our communities.

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